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just few minutes away from the Thermal bath of Zalakaros

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AquaTherm Hotel*** Zalakaros

The familiar ambience

Our hotel is located near the thermal bath. The city center is just a short walk away. We have 24 comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden, a restaurant, a massage parlor and a wellness area. The unique octagonal building is a symbol of vitality and harmony.

Four legged friends are welcome at our hotel from 2024. We have become a pet-friendly hotel!


Special attention
Discount wellness offers!

It's such a great
Spa in Zalakaros


For the comfort of
our guests


It relaxes, recharges and gives you an experience regardless of the season.


Body and soul harmonizing, vitalizing, healing treatments.


In addition to the Hungarian, home-style flavours, simple and free dishes are also available.

Extra preparation

Special attention not only for your partner.

Active leisure

Hiking in the area, cycling, unforgettable relaxation.

Wet experiences

300 metres from the Thermal medical and experience bath of Zalakaros.

While relaxing
in Zalakaros
programmes and attracitons

Thermal medical and experience bath of Zalakaros

The bath is an excellent program for kids and adults, for those who wish to heal and relax, and even for those who like outdoor pools or indoor ones. Explore the pools that you like the most. You must pay for the entrance ticket.

  • Distance: 300m
  • Ticket purchasing: in the bath
  • Approach: at the end of the hotel’s street
Thermal lake and eco-shore

Let’s go for a walk on the shores of the eco-lake and explore the Éger nature trail. Take a photo by the statue of the Tőzike fairy and don’t forget to try the outdoor fitness machines. There is also a playground for kids.

  • Distance: 500m
  • You mustn’t pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Approach: through the cycle path next to the hotel
Dotto train and lookout tower

Explore the city from the little train and admire the panoramic view from the highest level of the lookout tower. The lookout tower is just a short walk from the Dotto stop. Dotto station: 50m from the hotel. You must pay for the ticket for the Dotto. You mustn’t pay the entrance ticket to the lookout tower.

  • Distance of the lookout tower: 2km
  • Approach to the lookout tower: straight ahead next to the road of Szilágyi patisserie.
Tour of the Park Forest

Let’s hike in the amazing nature. Especially kids enjoy the snail tour nature trail. Explore the hiking trails of Zalakaros. For further information, contact us at the reception.

You mustn’t pay for the entrance ticket.

  • Distance: 1,5km
  • Approach: straight ahead next to the road of Szilágyi patisserie.
Bike renting

If you wish to have an active recreation rent a bike, ask for free maps, and choose from the shorter or longer routes. The area of Zalakaros is perfectly convenient for bicycle tours.

  • You must pay the rental fee.
  • Renting place: in the hotel or in the Bícycle Center near the Tourinform office.
Segway tours

Are you eager to participate in a special program? Make an appointment for Segway tours and explore the city on two wheels.
You must pay the rental fee.

  • Distance: 800m
  • An appointment arrangement is necessary.
  • Approach: opposite to Szilágyi patisserie in the corner.
Sightseeing flight (Sztupa, Keszthely, Kis-Balaton,…)

Have you ever been to Zalakaros? Or would you try something new? See the city or the surrounding area from above. Make an appointment for one of the possible sightseeing flights.

  • You must pay for the ticket.
  • Distance: 2km
  • An appointment arrangement is necessary.
  • Approach: the cross-section at the pharmacy, to the way of Zalakomár
Nordic walking tours

Would you do some sports or just explore the area? Let’s make it happen in one of our nordic walking routes. Ask for sticks and maps and let’s have fun!

  • You must pay the rental fee.
  • Renting place: Tourinform office
Buffalo reservation

Visit the buffalos in their original environment in Kápolnapuszta. Visit the exhibition and the other animals.

  • You must pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 8km
  • Dotto excursion: seasonally on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Petting zoo in Fenyvespuszta

Both kids and adults adore animals. The petting zoo opposite to the Kányavári island  is welcoming everyone.

  • You must pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 12km
Kányavári island

The unique island of Kis-Balaton with its special wooden bridge offers an unforgettable memory at any time of the year. A lookout tower, a playground, and a nature trail await the visitors.

  • You must pay the parking fee.
  • Distance: 12km
Small-Balaton Gallery, Zalavár

Explore the cultural treasures of Small-Balaton in one place, at the Small-Balaton center. Attractions: the ruins of Récéskút basilica, Cyrill-Metód monument, Makovecz church, Small-Balaton exhibition house.

  • You mustn’t pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 11km
Cezar winery in Nagyrada and the lookout tower in Szelemi mountain

Would you like to taste wines or give a bottle of Zala wines as a gift? Visit the Cezar winery from where the vineyard lookout tower with its mesmerizing panoramic view is only 100m far.

  • You must pay for the tasting ticket.
  • Distance: 8km
Panka horse farm in Galambok

Horseback riding? Horse carriage rides? Individual rides? You have the opportunity to try all of these in Panka horse farm. It is a fantastic experience for the family, even for the non-riders.

  • You must pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 6km
Palatine mill in Zalamerenye

Between the cities of Zalakaros and Zalamerenye lies the 600-year-old watermill which is currently on private property.

  • You mustn’t pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 5km
Rock path in Nagybakónak

Do you wish to have an active excursion? The rock path in Nagybakónak is an excellent place for this purpose. Explore this individual place in nature.

  • You mustn’t pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 10km
Nagykanizsa: boating lake, lookout tower, downtown

Nagykanizsa offers the opportunity to have active or passive leisure time. Hike around the boating lake and climb up to the lookout tower, or admire the wonderful downtown with an ice cream in your hand. In case of shopping, the nearest supermarkets are also found here.

  • Distance: 12km
Keszthely: Festetics Castle, Balaton museum, Snail parliament, museums

Keszthely is an amazing city on the shore of Lake Balaton where you can spend a whole day visiting the many and varied attractions. Main attractions: Festetics castle, museums, pedestrian street, coastal promenade. The harbor is also available for boat trips.

  • Entrance ticket: in the museum and in the castle.
  • You mustn’t pay the entrance ticket on the shore, in the harbor.
  • Distance: 35km

Lake Hévíz which is famous all over Europe is only a few km from Zalakaros. Who doesn’t want to bathe in the thermal lake has the opportunity to go for a walk in the city center. Also, to explore the city on Dotto trains, to spend the time in patisseries or to shop in boutiques.

  • Distance: 40km
Zalaegerszeg: AquaCity, downtown

The most populated city of Zala offers a spa complex, shopping street, restaurants, and attractions to the visitors.

  • Distance: 50km
Sümeg: castle and a medieval feast

The Sümeg castle offers an excellent historical experience which is also the site of knight’s tournaments and medieval feasts. You can reach the castle on the hill by bus too.

  • You must pay for the entrance ticket.
  • Distance: 55km
Curly water tour: Fishing, Hunting

Hasn’t only the bath attracted you to Zalakaros? Are you interested in other extraordinary program opportunities out of relaxing? In this case, contact the organizers of fishing, hunting, and rowing programs or ask for our help at the reception.

  • License is necessary.
  • Distance: variable, ca. 10-50km
  • Depends on the weather.
Kányaváry Wine Terraca

Enjoy the panoramic view to Lake Balaton’s characteristic volcanic mountains in the arms of Little Balaton natural reserve area.

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