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Wellness-Oasis – „it's time to relax”

The Wellness-Oasis is one of the hotel's gems. Here you can be both refreshed and invigorated physically, and calmed and soothed mentally. Here you can fully experience well-being of mind, body and spirit. Relax and unwind, and feel all your tension draining away!


The Finnish sauna, which improves the circulation, strengthens the heart and boosts the immune system. The intense heat causes the body to sweat, relaxing tired muscles and getting rid of harmful toxins.


The Infra-red sauna, which also has a beneficial effect on the circulation, as well as increasing the metabolic rate, leading to anincrease in the removal of toxins, and a decrease of acidity in the gastric juices.

The therapeutic salt and aroma steam cabin, where the vapour exuding from the warm damp air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tractand the skin, and also aids in detoxifying the system.

The waveles massage pool, where the underwater massaging jets provide the best form of relaxation. They are not only delightful to experience, but also positively beneficial to our health. The jets of water relieve aches and pains, improve mobility and soothe tired muscles. They also stimulate the lymphatic system and further strengthen the immune system.

The plunge pool - After the heat of the sauna, periodic cooling sessions are necessary, and this is the most effective method to use. It stimulate the circulation.


It is also worth remembering all the other methods of stimulating the senses, like the relaxing music, mood lighting,etc.

There is an opportunity to use wellness at night, after 21.00.

The fee/hour of the exclusive night wellness for our guests is the following:

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