„A place to chill.”

One of the gems of our hotel is the exclusively designed Wellness Oasis. It relaxes, recharges, harmonizes body and soul, and gives vitality. It's a home of recreation, where we float carefree and tension is released.

  • Finnish sauna - Improves blood circulation, exercises the heart and strengthens the immune system. Promotes the natural elimination of toxins and relieves stress.
  • Infrared sauna - Beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Increases metabolism, speeds up the body's elimination of waste products and reduces excessive acidification. The immune system is activated and our defences are boosted.
  • Water jet massage pool - One of the best relaxation tools thanks to the underwater jet massage, which not only provides a pleasant relaxation but also has a positive effect on health. The water jets relax muscles and joints, release energy bottlenecks and reduce pain. It stimulates the lymphatic system, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Experience shower with a tub - Best used to cool down after the sauna has heated up. It stimulates blood circulation.
  • Other practices to stimulate the different senses are also worth mentioning, such as relaxing music and, in the case of night-time use, different mood lights.

Our Wellness Oasis can be rented for private use at night, with candlelight and champagne on request.

If you would like to spend an unforgettable romantic hour with your partner, choose from our romantic night wellness packages!

Package 1 contains :
1 hour candlelight, romantic music, infra red sauna and jacuzzi. 9000 HUF/hour

Package 2 contains :
1 hour candlelight, romantic music, infra red sauna, jacuzzi and a bottle of champagne. 12 000 HUF/hour

Package 3 contains :
1 hour candlelight, romantic music, infra red sauna, jacuzzi, finnish sauna and a bottle of champagne. 15 000 HUF/hour

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